The stretch mark that i did was watching the movie Hunger Games. I really dont remember when i watched it but i know i wa pretty disappointed in the movie. its just that they couldve done so much more with it. i could see so much more inmprovements that could be made.

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the stretch that i did was reading the famous book The Hunger Games. too be honest that book was really well written. i enjoyed that book alot. i would have never read that book if my english teacher Mr. Morgan never assigned it to us to read for class. We read The Hunger Games near the middle of my sophomore year. basicly we just read a few chapters in class and some at home for homework, then we do assignments related to the book. such as finding symbols that are hidden in the story. i later found out that the book became alot more well known because ive been seeing people reading it that dont even go to my school. i really thought that it was just some good book that we had to read for class. they even made a movie about it. Hunger Games is basicly about this superior power that takes control of the people that rank below them. the lower people eventually turned against them but ended up being defeated. the superior then created this tv show where people are picked out in the lower people to fight to the death in an arena. the winner gets a large supply of food for there family.

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The stretch mark that i did was eating a veggie dog for the first time. my english teacher Mr. Morgan was having this mini baseball event where he would prepare veggie dogs and a whole bunch of other snacks and we would watch a baseball game on his computer.The people that were there were my classmates Alex, Jay, and a few others. That day was fun because the food was really good. also because  we didnt have to do work. well we did have to do this trivia challange thing but that was ok.we were seperatted in to groups of 4 or five, then we would have to answer these queastions relating to baseball games that happened and people who play. in the end who ever got the most answers right would recieve a prize. the prizes consisted of baseball gum, baseball cards, etc. my group ended up winning 2nd place i think? other than that the veggie dog was so delicious. it pretty much tasted like a normal hotdog except that it had no meat what so ever in it. when i finaly got mine, i drenched it in mustard, ketchup, and relish. aside from the veggie dog we got cold icy cokes that Mr. Morgan provided inside his cooler.

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Stretch Mark #4

the stratch mark i did was making a storyboard out of a story i read. my teacher mr morgan had me read part of the book bag of bones, and offered to pay me 50 dollars in return. i gladly took the offer becaus it was 50 dollars after all, and i needed money to buy a gift for someone special this coming christmas. he gave me this assignment maybe around the beggining of december? he first offered me to do it much far back then that. while making the storyboard i was alone. it was just me drawing everything. it was just fine with though. i actualy prefer to work alone when it comes to art related stuff. i worked on the storyboard at home. it ws kinda annoying though because my house is small so i shared a room with my siblings, and i had a bunk bed and i slapt on the top bunk. thats where i was working on my drawings. that was just one of the annoying things. since i was working on the top bunk of a bunk bed, my work space was incredibly small, so i would just be scrunched up drawing what i needed to draw. lastly my siblings are younger than me so they would be really really annoying. it was somewhat hard to focus on my work. in all it wasnt so bad. i chose to do this for my stretch mark because, i got 50 dollars out if it and i never really got payed for my art work before. and it was fun doing it. for the whole storyboard i was planning to color it, but i thought doing it in black and white would look better since its somewhat of a ghost story. also most of the drawings ive been doing on the storyboard took place in an cellar. doing the whole storyboard really got me back in to drawing because before i used to be in to drawing people or basicly real life drawing. later in 6th grade i got in to graffiti art so since then ive been doing that instead. so the storyboard refreshed my intrest in what i used to draw.

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Stretch Mark #1

the stretch mark i did is learning how to breakdance. i chose this stretchmark to do because its seems different from what other people would do. also because dancing is something i like to do. the first time i started breakdancing was near the beggining of my sophomore year. one of my friends that were there is anthony. hes been breakdancing for alot longer than i have. another was a guy named brian. he was the first person who taught me how to breakdance. after he taught me, i joined a club in burton called breakdancing 101 and a senior named richard taught a whole class there. that was one of the places i would practice brakdancing. the usual place i would practice with my friends is in the hallway near the front of the school, where the large picture of phillip burton is. another place i would practice is in the gym with my friend brian. we just breakdance in one side of the gym while everyone watches us. the experience i had breakdancing was alot of fun. although i hurt myself alot falliing on my back trying to do headstands, i still have alot of fun. it takes alot of work and dedication to really become good at it, but if its something you really want to do then it will be worth it. since i started breakdancing, i plan to continue through out my high school year. after i graduate i probably still will breakdance, especialy with my friends that i have, who i practice with everyday. i also want to learn alot more difficult moves in breakdancing. for one maybe headspins. that might hurt really bad if ever do mess up with that move. for sure i will mess up actualy. im honestly not as dedicated to breakdancing as i was before, but ill keep practicing until i dont want to anymore.

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Socratic Seminar Rating


Rate how prepared you were for this discussion on a scale of 1-10:

  • 1 = not prepared and 10 = extremely prepared
  • Take into consideration the quality of your questions, your familiarity with the text (whether you kept up with your reading homework), and your ability to fully focus on the discussion.

                         1          2          3          4          5          6          7          8          9          10

 Rate the quality of your group’s discussion on a scale of 1-10

  • Take into consideration the goals of the discussion
  1. To use student-created questions to deepen understanding.
  2. To bring all voices into the discussion.
  3. To make room for disagreement, learn from each other and push each other!

                                    1          2          3          4          5          6          7          8          9          10

 List three (3) things you could you have done to perform better in this Socratic Seminar. Please use complete sentences:

 1.  I could’ve talked alot more then i did in the Socratic Seminar.


2. I could’ve attepted to involve other people in my group during the discussion.


3.  I could’ve read more of the book so i would have a better understanding of the story.


What grade do you feel you deserve on this Socratic Seminar? Be honest. DO NOT self-delude.

 Circle one:      A         B         C         D         F          +          –

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