Stretch Mark #1

the stretch mark i did is learning how to breakdance. i chose this stretchmark to do because its seems different from what other people would do. also because dancing is something i like to do. the first time i started breakdancing was near the beggining of my sophomore year. one of my friends that were there is anthony. hes been breakdancing for alot longer than i have. another was a guy named brian. he was the first person who taught me how to breakdance. after he taught me, i joined a club in burton called breakdancing 101 and a senior named richard taught a whole class there. that was one of the places i would practice brakdancing. the usual place i would practice with my friends is in the hallway near the front of the school, where the large picture of phillip burton is. another place i would practice is in the gym with my friend brian. we just breakdance in one side of the gym while everyone watches us. the experience i had breakdancing was alot of fun. although i hurt myself alot falliing on my back trying to do headstands, i still have alot of fun. it takes alot of work and dedication to really become good at it, but if its something you really want to do then it will be worth it. since i started breakdancing, i plan to continue through out my high school year. after i graduate i probably still will breakdance, especialy with my friends that i have, who i practice with everyday. i also want to learn alot more difficult moves in breakdancing. for one maybe headspins. that might hurt really bad if ever do mess up with that move. for sure i will mess up actualy. im honestly not as dedicated to breakdancing as i was before, but ill keep practicing until i dont want to anymore.

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