The stretch mark that i did was eating a veggie dog for the first time. my english teacher Mr. Morgan was having this mini baseball event where he would prepare veggie dogs and a whole bunch of other snacks and we would watch a baseball game on his computer.The people that were there were my classmates Alex, Jay, and a few others. That day was fun because the food was really good. also because  we didnt have to do work. well we did have to do this trivia challange thing but that was ok.we were seperatted in to groups of 4 or five, then we would have to answer these queastions relating to baseball games that happened and people who play. in the end who ever got the most answers right would recieve a prize. the prizes consisted of baseball gum, baseball cards, etc. my group ended up winning 2nd place i think? other than that the veggie dog was so delicious. it pretty much tasted like a normal hotdog except that it had no meat what so ever in it. when i finaly got mine, i drenched it in mustard, ketchup, and relish. aside from the veggie dog we got cold icy cokes that Mr. Morgan provided inside his cooler.

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