the stretch that i did was reading the famous book The Hunger Games. too be honest that book was really well written. i enjoyed that book alot. i would have never read that book if my english teacher Mr. Morgan never assigned it to us to read for class. We read The Hunger Games near the middle of my sophomore year. basicly we just read a few chapters in class and some at home for homework, then we do assignments related to the book. such as finding symbols that are hidden in the story. i later found out that the book became alot more well known because ive been seeing people reading it that dont even go to my school. i really thought that it was just some good book that we had to read for class. they even made a movie about it. Hunger Games is basicly about this superior power that takes control of the people that rank below them. the lower people eventually turned against them but ended up being defeated. the superior then created this tv show where people are picked out in the lower people to fight to the death in an arena. the winner gets a large supply of food for there family.

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